What Are The SEO Lessons You Should Learn From Pokémon Go?

SEO Lessons

Around the world, the most hyped and crazy augmented reality game is none other than Pokémon Go. You can even witness how people over social media share their interests and likeness for the game. Being a digital business owner, you can learn something useful from the game too. Pokémon Go provides very useful lessons to digital marketers.

The game is all about capturing the attention of the targeted audience. So, what is the main goal of SEO? It is the same. But there are some practices that an SEO specialist must adopt to perfect its performance. 

The approach is quite simple. You need to take the right SEO lessons from the game so that you can achieve better optimization and success. Let’s explore the concept deeper for bringing a massive change in the world of SEO. 

SEO Lessons One Can Learn From Pokémon Go

1. Excellence In Branding And Virility 

One of the top lessons you could acquire is excellent branding. It is the most integral factor in the game’s success. If you are familiar with the game, you must know that the game is based on a smartphone game called Ingress. However, it is not as popular as Pokémon Go. You can recognize the techniques behind the success of the game and how popular it has become in a short time. 

With superior branding, you can make your brand work better. Make sure you are including the same essence and element in your optimization technique. Improve the market presence and make your audience familiar with the brand in easy ways. 

2. Use Social Media For Better Reach 

None of the popular games use a traditional approach in marketing their work. The same has Pokémon Go achieved.

You need to know that social media is powerful and has superiority over any other platform. Opt for a promising platform like Twitter that can make you come closer to your relevant audience. 

For instance, Nintendo only posted a few tweets after the game launch which went viral in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. Over 6.6 million tweets mentioned the game, which is a massive figure. 

Hence, you need to figure out which way to go. Your audience just needs a single pitch from your side and the rest is assured. 

3. Offer A Promising Experience To The Audience 

Last but not least, experience matters in everything. Just like Pokémon Go provides a lasting and impactful experience to the users, you need to focus on the same value. 

The augmented reality game achieved the particular goal by ensuring the users are engaging all of the five senses. As a result, it boosted the overall user experience and provided them with excellence and value.

It is time to fix the experience and give your audience what they demand. Your main focus should be granting a fruitful experience to the audience. It is everything they ask for. 


Pokémon Go provides very useful lessons that can help marketers fix their SEO practices. It might not look interesting at first but the results you see will be everything. So, make your SEO techniques work effectively and better today.