Control The Negative Aspects Of Email Marketing

Email marketing

Check Your Email Content Against Spam Filters

In most cases, no word or phrase is blocked by the spam filter. However, the content of your email marketing is very important. A typo here, badly formatted images there, and you could be marked as spam by recipients or activate your ISP’s spam filter.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this in the first place. You should pre-check your email for any errors or design flaws before sending it. When you take these precautions, you’re less likely to be seen as a spammer.

Improve Your Engagement Metrics

Engagement is one of the key indicators of what is searched for by mail. Negative participation degrades reputation and positive participation strengthens it.

Let’s face it, no one wants a generic copy-and-paste email. The last thing your audience wants is their inbox flooded with promotional material they don’t care about. The first step is to make sure you get permission from your audience if they are willing to receive promotional materials. If they’ve expressed interest and signed up by signing up, that’s it.

But not too fast, that doesn’t mean you can continue with your email. You’ll need to spend time and effort creating relevant, informative emails for your audience. Personalizing emails and tailoring content to the interests of potential customers go a long way. This kind of improvement manifests itself in a better sender’s reputation. Not only does this engagement increase, but it also improves your chances of increasing sales.

Verify Your Domain Name

Validation is a great step to take to improve your email reputation. When you authenticate your domain, mail servers recognize you as a legitimate sender and trust your authentication protocols. It’s like having an ID to bypass security.

So what is email marketing authentication? There are three types of authentication:

SPF, DKIM, DMARC. SPF tells the server which IP addresses and domains are allowed to send emails on your behalf. DKIM is an electronic signature for your email. DMARC tells the server what to do with emails that fail to authenticate.

You establish a line of trust between you and the ISP by authenticating your email. Also, by implementing DMARC, you will be able to see if any malicious activity is happening to your domain, which could be the root cause of your bad reputation.

Work With An Email Consultant

Sometimes, you need extra support and a professional touch to help you navigate this difficult world of email marketing.

Work with a qualified dispatch consultant who can leverage their expertise to provide personalized advice specific to your needs and help you avoid possible pitfalls that ruin your email campaign training from the inbox. Since they’ve done this before, they can give you an accelerated plan to restore your email reputation to a healthy state. Working with an email consultant is beneficial for many reasons, such as they:

Helps decipher reports from delivery tools such as inbox location, block list monitoring, and pre-check spam checks

Knowing which block lists are important, will prevent you from sending mail to the biggest ISPs, and this will not affect your inbox location

Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies when it comes to improving the sender’s deliverability and reputation

Improve Your E-Reputation With The Help Of Kickbox

Managing your mailing list, building effective campaigns, and improving your sender reputation are just a few of the things the email market needs to deal with. And let’s face it, it’s no small feat.

Kickbox deliverability toolkit is a one-stop shop for your email deliverability needs. You can use our email verification tool to improve the hygiene of your list, or our real-time email verification API to avoid hard bounces from fake email addresses or entered incorrectly.