Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business?

Social Media Platform

Let’s play the game of truth and honesty. As we all know there are so many social media platform and that’s very challenging for businesses and seasoned social media marketers to decide where to spend money and time. So in this blog, we’re highlighting three platforms that are going to rock your business including their pros and cons.

But before moving ahead first we have to know what a social media platform is.

What is a social media platform?

Social media is a platform where you share ideas and information through virtual networks. According to the research more than 4.7 billion folks use social media.

So let’s dive in to know about these three platforms to skyrocket your business.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


Key stats of Facebook: 

  • Monthly active users of Facebook: 2.9 billion
  • Most active age group: 25-34
  • Best for B2C companies
  • US users on Facebook: over 179 million
  • Most active countries: The United States and India

Why use Facebook?

Facebook is a platform that is commonly used by all age groups folks. So it means that it is ideal for the majority of businesses. Facebook is one of the great platforms for B2B and B2C businesses to search the target audience. It helps you to spread brand awareness, increase sales, and produce leads. Facebook is a powerful advertising platform that gives your business the opportunity to speak directly with your buyers through targeted ads. But there is also a large competition. So make sure that your content is unique from others and beneficial.

Cons of Facebook for business:
  • Any unhappy customer or competitor can publish negative posts or comments regarding your business. So make sure to handle such content otherwise it is going to be very difficult for your business.
  • There are a lot of fake profiles on FB and it’s not a difficult task. Some profiles are made to mislead businesses. So these people can easily spam your page which causes disastrous results.
  • Time is the main requirement to run a FB page. So you need a member to manage the page and that creates eye catchy content.


Key stats of Instagram:

  • Monthly global active users of Instagram: 2 billion
  • Most active age group: 25-34 
  • Best for B2C companies
  • US users on Instagram: around 159 milli8on
  • Most active countries: united states and India

Why use Instagram?

Instagram is an image-based social media platform. This is the most successful platform for influencers, companies, and coaches. Overall it is one of the best platforms for business. According to the research, there are more than 200 million businesses on Instagram. If your brand has amazing visuals then this platform is for you. Businesses use reels, shops, live streams, and Instagram stories.

Cons of Instagram:

As there are a lot of benefits of Instagram but also some disadvantages.

  • Many folks use Instagram just to pass the time and there’s no such intention to buy anything on this platform. so Instagram does not always focus on e-commerce.
  • Instagram for Business is largely dependent on organic traffic. For most businesses, advertising is out of reach. Large brands can usually afford to advertise on this platform.
  • Instagram doesn’t allow you to add a comprehensive explanation and company bio. Which makes it difficult to understand for readers and followers. So it means there’s not much space for the additional content.


Key stats of Twitter:

  • Monthly active users of Twitter: 436 million
  • Most active age group: 18-29 
  • Best for B2B companies
  • US users on Twitter: 76.9 million
  • Most active countries: Japan and US

Why use Twitter?

Twitter is one of the top platforms for brands to stay in touch with their target audience.

Twitter spaces help to have live conversations to promote in advance and tweet later. So it is one of the great features of Twitter. Brands can receive questions and direct audience feedback. So in this way, you can improve your services, products, or content.

Among Twitter’s most popular topics are real-time news, entertainment, sports, and politics. About 80% of Twitter users mention a brand in a tweet and follow at least five businesses. Make sure to be available for FAQs.

Cons of Twitter:
  • Customers can complain publicly on this platform so make sure to handle their complaints for a positive impact.
  • Your tweets can easily be missed so tweet at the right time when your followers are online. So it means there’s a time sensitivity on Twitter.
  • There are limitations on Twitter. You just have 280 character limit so use the words wisely.


So these are the best social media platforms. Choose the best according to your choice, target audience, and business goals. Not all platforms are best for your business. So focus on meeting your customers where they are. We hope you find this blog useful.