Leading Advantages Of Video Marketing For Your Brand

advantages of video marketing

One of the most fascinating, enjoyable, and adaptable media you can employ to communicate your brand’s captivating story and take advantages of video marketing, connect with customers emotionally, and affect their purchasing behavior is video.

It uses motion, music, color, and storytelling to effectively convey a message. In contrast, the text uses figurative language, punctuation, and visual cues to set the tone of a story.

Because humans are predisposed to comprehend visual cues better than written material, the video quickly grabs viewers’ attention. We rely on our senses to discover the world and comprehend our environment from birth until early adulthood.

If you’re like most marketers, you’ve probably already gotten on board with the advantages of video marketing and are enjoying it already.

Why Does Video Content Have Greater Engagement?

Our capacity for observation is enhanced by hearing, movement, seeing, experiencing, tasting, and touching. Engaging the senses helps children and even grownups learn and digest information more efficiently.

Bassinets, cribs, and strollers are equipped with toys in vibrant and contrasting colors, and parents are recommended to take little newborns on frequent outings in a variety of settings. From birth, we are sensory learners.

Since they provide more chances than, say, olfactory or tactile perceptions, visual and auditory perceptions play a significant role in most civilizations. Additionally, sight and hearing provide us with the most information about our surroundings and allow us to notice objects from a distance.

Visual and aural cues have been essential for survival for hundreds of thousands of years. Even today, our eyesight and hearing will be the finest protectors for us if all of our other senses fail.

And if you still need proof of how effective images can be, here are some advantages of video marketing in your marketing plan.

Targeting Emotions Affects Purchasing Decisions

Videos set off irrational impulses that influence buying behavior. This theory is consistent with research by Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman, who contends that 95% of consumers make subconscious purchasing decisions. Emotion is what drives consumer behavior and overall decision-making.

Luxury brands emphasize sentiments of affluence, worthiness, prestige, and radiance. By providing a means of communication with family and friends, mobile device manufacturers interact with their customers. Through videos that sell the feeling, marketers aim to evoke an emotional response rather than concentrating on specific qualities.

More Visual Content Is Desired By Consumers

Simple as that: people enjoy watching videos. In addition, a study reveals that 54 percent of customers prefer videos to blog articles, emails, and newsletters (46 percent), social photos (41 percent), social videos (34 percent), and social videos (41 percent) when asked what they want to see from companies (17 percent).

Expand Revenue

This is one of the top advantages of video marketing. According to an analysis by Aberdeen Group, brands that use video marketing increase their income 49 percent more quickly each year. Additionally, the State of Video Marketing 2020 Report demonstrates how visual content promotes commerce.

More than eighty percent of consumers (80%) agree that video content boosts sales. The majority of respondents (95%) stated that they would raise their budget for video marketing in 2020.

Video Can Help To Improve Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

We are all inundated with junk mail, and for the majority of us, receiving communications from companies we have never heard of is just irritating.

There are various reasons why consumers unsubscribe, including a congested inbox, boring or repeated content, and frequent marketing. According to Brainshark, simply including “video” in the subject line helps cut unsubscribes by 26% and raises click-through rates by 65% and open rates by 19%.

Video content can also help lower unsubscribe rates. Marketers not only get increased retention rates but also a better understanding of how much of their information is being read.

Increasing Online Visibility

Sharing material on social media, where customers watch a video, aids in boosting business visibility.

According to an online poll, networking websites are the exact places where users keep up with news, business, and lifestyle topics. While Google remains the most popular material source for viewers (52%), nearly half of respondents (48%) claim they read their Facebook feed to stay up to date on various issues.

Develop Trust

A brand’s humanization and audience trust are one of the advantages of video marketing. The easiest approach to do this is to demonstrate to clients that your business is dedicated to providing the greatest service or product possible and that you are aware of their requirements and issues.

People detest made-up stories and contrived content, so authenticity is crucial. Depending on the product, message, and aim, you have a wide range of format possibilities to pick from. Examples include explainer videos, product, company, and testimonial videos.