5 Great Examples Of Mobile Marketing Campaigns Done Right

Mobile marketing campaigns

The idea that mobile phones can overtake fixed Internet access has slowly moved from sensationalism to reality. We now know for a fact that we live in a mobile world where user preference is leaning towards smaller devices with smaller screens. With nearly 55.68% of web traffic coming from mobile devices (with some sources reporting this percentage as high as 70%), mobile marketing campaigns are now considered an option. feasible to reach the target audience.

And That’s Not All.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated this growing digital trend (including mobile marketing trends) as consumers worldwide are now heavily dependent on technology. mobile for many reasons. Considering that the average time spent on mobile has increased from 2 hours to about 5 hours per day, meeting your target audience on their preferred platform is the easiest way to engage them.

With that in mind, here are some good examples of mobile marketing or advertising apps to inspire you!

Types Of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

In the following mobile marketing campaign examples, here are some common themes that can be found:

  • Increase brand awareness among the target audience.
  • Build customer loyalty and increase their overall lifetime value.
  • After-sales customer service and seamless integration.
  • Get legit membership claims by providing instant value. Notify smartphone users of any ongoing promotions.
  • Share real-time updates via push notifications on mobile apps.
  • Collect invaluable feedback.
  • Run an effective sponsorship campaign.
  • Personalization through dynamic content. Monitor user activities.
  • Offer location-based services and offers.
  • Upsell products or services to a targeted audience.
  • Track the activation of transactions or campaigns in response to user action or inaction.
  • Win back customers who are on the verge of leaving. Interactive advertising campaigns through influencer marketing

Most mobile marketing companies follow these successful mobile marketing strategies to maintain a strong focus on one or a combination of the above goals.

Finally, let’s take a deeper look at some of the most successful omnichannel eleven marketing campaigns that have leveraged mobile to increase brand awareness. Here we take a look at different mobile marketing awareness campaigns and how you can use them too.

  • Reward For A Piece Of Cake – Domino’s

When Pizza Hut was the official sponsor of the Super Bowl, Domino’s had to “go big” to attract attention for ideas to promote its app. And the franchise has achieved this feat through its innovative Piece of the Pie rewards program. It allows customers to join the rewards program and earn 10 points for scanning any pizza. Yes, any pizza, even if it’s not Domino’s! After collecting 60 points, participants will receive a free pizza from Dominoes!

This guerrilla mobile marketing campaign requires only a simple AI-powered pizza-scanning mobile app, which in turn contributes a lot of user-generated content and raises brand awareness.

  • Puzzle

Advertising giants Ogilvy & Mather asked this very pressing question in Paris through their “free Wi-Fi” mobile marketing campaign. The company has partnered with Scrabble to provide smartphone users with free WiFi connections, especially in areas with poor connectivity. The trick is simple – show off your spelling skills and accumulate points to stay on the internet for longer. Brands also promote the initiative through social media marketing campaigns.

The results were phenomenal: users decoded over 6,000 words to get over 110,000 minutes of free Wi-Fi! And not to mention that mobile apps have registered countless downloads during this time!

  • Message Us – Ford

Car manufacturer Ford has implemented a simple but effective mobile marketing strategy to promote its Escape and Taurus lines. They asked their target audience to text “FORD” to 63611 to learn more about the cars. In response to this call-to-action trigger, Ford collected key insights from its potential customers – information like their name, zip code, and vehicle type of interest. A Ford dealer will then take over to close the deal.

And just in case SMS marketing efforts fail, the brand has launched effective retargeting campaigns to capture your interest! And for those who thought text messaging was dead, this mobile marketing campaign increased conversion rates by 15.4%!

  • Burn That Ad – Burger King

Burger King is not afraid to receive cheeky taunts when it comes to competition. In fact, the brand launched a (very successful) real-time troll campaign called “Burn That Ad”.

Smartphone users can download the Burger King mobile app and use augmented reality (AR) scanners to locate and destroy their opponents’ ads, and win a free Whopper! Sure, it’s not the best (or most ethical) way to improve conversion rates, but a mobile marketing campaign is too clever to be considered bad. Customers really enjoyed trying out new technology, and Burger King was able to get the most out of a competitor’s investment!

  • My Calvins – Calvin Klein

Sometimes, a mobile marketing campaign is just about capitalizing on an existing opportunity!

When model Miranda Kerr used the hashtag #MyCalvins, she had no idea she was launching a mobile marketing campaign for the brand! Her post, which now has more than 185,000 likes on Instagram, provided a unique insight into the social media platform’s interoperability. The brand then tapped other celebrities like Trey Songz, Fergie, and Chiara Ferragni, as well as influencers like Aimee Song and Bryanboy to spread the hashtag far and wide.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that a little creativity can go a long way in renewing your brand for mobile customers. Use these ad campaign examples as inspiration and develop ways to capture your audience’s interests while promoting your brand. With just enough testing on ad campaigns, you will succeed in discovering ways to connect with your audience and resonate with your brand!