18 Landing Page and Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

  •  Ministry Of Press

Before you get started, a well-designed press kit is a basic mobile app marketing tool. Includes relevant screenshots, app benefits, all past press mentions, company profile, and full contact information.

  • App Store Optimization

If you can improve your app’s ranking in the app store search results, your chances of downloading it will be higher. In fact, Apple reports that 65% of apps are discovered from their App Store search. A proper name and the right keywords in the description and subtitles will go a long way. Ratings and reviews, as well as total downloads, are other ranking factors. Paul McCallum, director of customer engagement for Babylon Health, one of the UK’s leading healthcare providers, said: “App Store optimization is vital for any business. which application”. By applying ASO techniques to the Babylon Health app, the team achieved a Top 3 ranking for 56 new keywords on iOS App Store and 24 on Google Play Store. 

  • Local Sources And Experts

For your application, any media is welcome. For example, contact local news channels as well as trade publications interested in providing application details and interviews.

  • Feedback Mechanism

The proper response mechanism built into your application creates the image of a responsive service. It can also alert you to potential errors and opportunities for improvement. You can request ratings, conduct surveys, and provide other ways for users to contact you.

  • Push Notifications

These are great calls to action. They drive engagement and can go a long way toward user retention and longer app usage. Using emojis, rich formatting, consistent delivery times, and personalization can improve response rates. Here is an introduction to get it right.

  • In-App Messages

You can target users who are online by sending these notifications at the right time. These help with referrals, communicating product updates, support, or even promoting offers. 

  • Announcements And Ratings

As mentioned, reviews and ratings help increase rankings in app stores. Asking users for reviews also encourages downloads and builds loyalty. Research shows that online consumer reviews are one of the most trusted sources of information and brand messages.

  • Social Sharing Integration

Adding social sharing to your mobile app makes it easy for users to comment and share news from your app. It also provides easy access and introduces your mobile app marketing to new users.

  • Set Goals

It’s important to track app metrics during the acquisition, engagement, conversion, and retention stages of the user journey. You can increase, improve and tailor the activities accordingly.

  •  App Rewards

Social media, app store, or other rewards add great credibility and entice new users to download your app. Check out the winners in related categories to see what they did to impress the judges and promote your app to them.

  • Eye-Catching Icons

Often an app icon is the first point of interaction for a potential consumer. Aim for a simple, elegant design that stands out and captures the spirit of your app. Images perform better than text, and consistent colors go a long way. When CashQuizz, a quiz app that allows users to win prizes, changed its icon, it increased the total number of app downloads by more than 150%.

  • Cross-Promotion

You can also encourage discovery by hosting ads and links to other apps, and asking others to do the same. This saves money and works well in certain categories, such as games.

  • Standards And Principles

App stores have different guidelines, see Apple App Store or Google Play Store for example. Tailor the app to the platform from the start to avoid last-minute changes and even disqualification.

Landing Page Marketing

  • Using SEO

There should be a landing page with all the details of your application, as well as a download link. The right keywords and tags will help more consumers discover your page and mobile app marketing.

  • Optimized For Mobile Devices

Data shows that more than half of internet traffic comes from mobile phones today. It is essential that the app ad page is optimized for mobile devices. Fast load times, the right screen size, and browser compatibility are a few of the things that matter.

  • Using Images And Videos

The impact of landing pages on your app can be greatly enhanced with the right visual formats. App screenshots and dynamic demos are two ways to do this.

  • Use Testimonials

Your landing page can be a potential user’s first introduction to your mobile app. Testimonials from existing users or featured articles can increase credibility and authenticity. Combining videos with testimonials can also lead to compelling results, as in this example from the landing page of Vend, an inventory software application. 

  • Announcement Of Updates And News

Landing pages are also a great way to announce new and upcoming features and other information like prizes and download milestones. Regular updates make the image of an app worth downloading.

With this fine-tuning strategy and 18 hints, you too can launch your app successfully and then grow your user base exponentially. Prepare your server for download!