5 Extraordinary Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

Social media Marketing Campaigns

1. British Army #YourArmyNeedsYou recruitment campaign

What They Did Right – Target Specific Audiences with Emotional Messages. The British Army’s 2019 recruitment campaign is a prime example of targeting the right audience with the right message. They want to target millennials through their Twitter campaign and encourage them to enlist.

To do this, they decided to break down all social stereotypes associated with millennials and create a positive twist for them. They will pick up a negative habit associated with millennials and exhibit a positive trait that may be related to it. For example, millennials are known to take a lot of selfies and can even be called self-obsessed. But the British Army calls them confident because they take a lot of pictures of themselves.

And, not only that, they appealed to the patriotism of these British citizens and said: “Your army needs you” and your “positive traits associated with millennials”. This campaign is brilliant because it resonates with the target audience by evoking positive emotions.

They also used two brand-specific hashtags for this campaign #YourArmyNeedsYou and #FindWhereYouBelong. And, with each post, they’ve added a link to their website where people can apply for the program that’s best for them.

2. Essie

What They Did Right – Use User-Generated Content. Nail polish brand, Essie, is one of the brands that has mastered the art of leveraging UGC for their social media accounts. On Instagram, they ask their followers to share a photo of themselves dressed in Essie colors and using the hashtag #essielove for a chance to be featured.

This is a classic example of how a brand can engage customers to create content for them. The opportunity to appear on the brand’s official Instagram account is an incentive for them to share their photos.

And, it clearly benefits the brand as they get a lot of endorsements and free content to post on their social networks.

Another thing that Essie does is offer the color of the month as a cue to share more photos of that color.

Some brands also require people to mention them in order to stand out, but hashtags are better because by using hashtags you can track all the UGC generated by that campaign create.

3. Moonpie 

They got it right – Use humor to drive engagement

Moonpie is a cookie brand that uses humor as a way to connect with an audience. The product itself is consumable with a limited number of variations. And, the brand doesn’t have much to say as new variations aren’t released often. It’s a classic that everyone is familiar with, and the brand’s primary marketing goal is to engage an audience.

As a result, the brand found another way to stay active on social media and stay in touch with its audience: humor.

4. Greggs

Greggs is another brand that excels at using humor to drive consumer engagement on its social media content. This is a major British bakery chain, very popular, and needs no introduction.

So, as an established brand, its social media marketing goal is not brand awareness, but just maintaining its brand image and engaging its audience. For this, they use humor in their tweets and get a good engagement rate.

Therefore, it can be said that for brands that are already established but don’t have a lot of content they can share regularly, this is a good strategy. You may not have a new product to promote weekly or an editorial team to keep your profile active, but you can certainly post a new joke every day.

5. Gillette – The Best Men Possible

What They Did Right – Video Marketing and Social Messaging

This is another great example of a marketing campaign that uses social issues and powerful messages to attract attention and drive engagement. With her “Best Men Can Be” campaign, Gilette attempted to break down stereotypes about how men “must” be. Society has certain expectations about men and how they are expected to act or think. Gilette created a video for her YouTube channel that breaks those stereotypes to show what men can be. They also shared this video on Twitter and it got thousands of likes and retweets because it’s something people can associate with.

The best social media campaigns are the ones that manage to reach the target audience, and that’s exactly what this video did. In this case, the target audience is male and they receive the video very positively because it helps to break stereotypes. Inference

Here are some of the most effective social media marketing examples of 2019 that you can draw inspiration from. These brands have learned the secret to social media marketing success, and you can learn from their strategies.