Mobile App Marketing Strategy: A Guide For Promoting Your App

promoting your app

So you’ve made an app; congratulations! But the work is not yet done. You must now make money off of it. On the Google Play Store, around 80.000 new mobile apps are reportedly created each month. Over 3.4 million apps are available in the Apple App Store overall.

The competition is intense, and that is understating it. So how can you make sure customers find and download your app when there is so much competition? by developing a marketing plan for mobile apps.

It takes careful planning and the application of the appropriate strategies and tactics to market your app and draw customers in. With important steps and explanations, we have put together a roadmap for developing an outcome marketing strategy for promoting your app.

What Is Marketing For Mobile Apps?

A marketing tactic called mobile app marketing is used to publicize an app, engage consumers, and boost app downloads. It describes the strategies employed to draw people and generate interest in your app.

In other words, it entails assisting consumers as they move from learning about your software to downloading it through the conversion funnel.

But after people download your app, the adventure is not over. To enhance retention and transform them into brand ambassadors, you must cultivate your relationship with them once they become your clients.

You may advertise your app, encourage users to download it, and raise the value of your app concurrently using a mobile app marketing plan.

What Makes App Marketing Important?

It seems like almost every company, from little businesses to big corporations, has created an app. The market for developing apps worldwide reached $154 billion in 2019 and is predicted to continue expanding rapidly in the years to come.

If you want to attract people and convince them to download your app over the many others available in the market that is so densely populated with apps, you must invest in promoting your app.

How Can You Effectively Promote Your Mobile App?

How can you promote an app while hitting your goals?

A thorough amount of planning and research must go into developing and implementing an effective mobile app marketing strategy. Follow the steps listed below while creating your app marketing strategy to reach your objectives:

Carry Out Market Analysis

App development and mobile app promotion efforts both heavily rely on market research and competitive analysis. This study offers priceless information that aids in directing both the development and promotion phases.

You must conduct market research on your intended audience before you start spending money on app development. You can define the following with the aid of market research:

  • Whom are you trying to reach?
  • Why would your app be of interest to them? What are the aches and pains? Do these issues get addressed in your app?
  • Who are your main rivals? How would your app be unique or provide users with greater value?

Construct User Personas

The next stage is to construct user personas now that you are aware of your target audience, their issues, and their interests in promoting your app.

By dividing your audience into various groups according to their interests, age, mobile preferences, and other considerations, you may create user personas. Then, based on the knowledge you have, you develop fictitious characters to assist you in better comprehending your audience.

Each of the target client groups is represented by these fictitious individuals. This information is essential to ensuring that you address the issues and challenges of your target audience and give them the details they require.

Create a Website

When deciding how to sell an app, creating a website should be your main priority. In a perfect world, you would start creating a website even before you started creating your app.


Because users will get a chance to learn about your software this way. Before your software is even available for download, you may start implementing your marketing strategy.

Create a visually appealing, optimized, and interesting website that informs your target audience and highlights the capabilities and advantages of your app.

Establish a Landing Page

A landing page should inform visitors about your app since it serves as a representation of it. The landing page for your app should be eye-catching and educational so that visitors can get a taste of what the app is like. Use short sentences and bullet points to organize information instead of utilizing extensive paragraphs to make the text easy to read.

Ensure that the landing page contains links to both the Google Play and Apple Program Store versions of your app. Include app screenshots and CTAs with links to the download page.

The landing page for your app should be optimized for search engines above anything else to improve SERP placement and visibility.