Innovative Video Ideas For Ecommerce Product Promotion

innovative video ideas

Each year, more and more individuals shop online. Statista predicts that by 2023, the global e-commerce market might increase from $3.53 trillion to $6.54 trillion. Starting an online store has never been simpler for business owners. But while setting up a store and uploading all of your products is simple, promoting them takes more work and expertise. Why not use innovative video ideas in your upcoming marketing campaigns?

According to data, 51% of marketers believe that video is the channel with the highest return on investment, and those who use video have had 49% quicker revenue growth than those who don’t.

Creative Video Promotion Techniques

You’ll need some original ideas to begin if you’re prepared to start spending money on video marketing for your internet store. Here are innovative video ideas that can promote your online store’s merchandise.

Product Demos

One of the most crucial sorts of videos for any online marketer is the product video. According to a Cision survey, 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product following watching a video that explains what it is and how it can benefit them. Make demonstration movies that demonstrate the benefits that clients receive from using the products available on your website.

This video format can be useful for your advertising campaigns in addition to being instructive and satisfying client curiosity because it can showcase any distinctive materials or procedures that set your items apart from the competition.

Look Books

Before audiences are persuaded to buy, they occasionally need instructions on how to use your products. Lookbook videos are a fantastic way to illustrate this.

Many fashion companies publish lookbooks in periodicals, but some, like Stradivarius, have begun to offer video versions to provide buyers suggestions on how to dress or pair their recent additions.

Videos for lookbooks can also show off new ways to use products that clients already own or act as a video catalog of new releases and collections.

Influencer First Thoughts

Engage a few influencers with sizable fan bases to create first-impression innovative video ideas for any future items from your company. These videos are yet another excellent approach to generating buzz within your target audience while also obtaining reliable experts in the field to share their early impressions and responses to your new products.

For instance, some tech companies, such as Samsung, collaborate with various YouTube tech advocates who are given first access to any new goods that are released during the year.

Make careful to pick influencers who are respected and important in your field. Don’t be hesitant to collaborate with producers who have more modest but dedicated audiences. These influencers might be urged to experiment with new media types, such as unboxing videos.

Brand Motives

You can use this as the main theme for videos if your company is committed to a cause.

The company, known for donating revenues to animal charities, made a film to stand with those who opposed the passing of a measure that would have outlawed pit bull ownership and forced numerous dog owners to put their pit bulls down.

It received thousands of shares, comments, and applause from its audience because it supported a cause that was significant to them.

Customer Stories

You can sometimes persuade other customers that your products are worthwhile purchases by showing customer success stories and testimonials. Make innovative video ideas and testimonials of customers describing how using your products has helped them solve problems or achieve goals.

Dove employs this strategy extensively to demonstrate the effectiveness of its goods, using real women discussing the benefits of utilizing their products.

Music Videos

Videos demonstrating your items and the feelings you want customers to associate with your brand can be created using music. 

Some corporations have teamed with well-known artists to perform brand placements in their music videos. But you can still make a beautiful music video utilizing royalty-free or free-for-use music.

Additionally, you can use Instagram Stories to add music as an innovative video idea. Spotify claims to have over 50 million tunes in its collection, and that figure is only rising. Making the most of these built-in elements might assist you in producing attractive, distinctive movies and raising engagement.


With a well-done parody, your online store might increase sales and even attract devoted fans. There is no shortage of opportunities with parody videos. 

Make sure to base your parody on something your target audience is familiar with or follows to ensure that your video draws in the viewers you want.