17 Easy Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

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You’ve finally created your mobile app and are ready to show it off to the world? 

17 best ways To Promote Your Mobile App

I want to share a compilation of the 17 best ways to promote your mobile app. This list isn’t in any particular order, so pick the ideas that interest you most and that you think will best fit your current marketing plan. Start with a few, if not just one, and check out what works for you and what doesn’t:

Define Your Landing Page

Present your cover letter simply and clearly – just one sentence is enough. Inspired by Tinder, this is one of the best examples.

Start a blog

Regular updates on a topic that focuses on your core service make you a niche expert and could be a theme worth downloading!

Use social networks

But do it wisely; Too many people think that copying and pasting a link is enough. Engage your audience. Be interesting. Provocative. The script. Make yourself click-worthy and share-worthy. Be creative in your introductory text. Mashable does this very well.

Use hooks

Create a landing page before launching the app and collect beta subscribers through the email sending field.

Creating a video for your app

should only be an option if you’ve proven your app’s concept, gained attention and made sure you have a winner. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on video production for an app that has changed three times since its launch. If you feel ready for this step, check out the Sandwich Video for inspiration. 

Submit technical blogs

This is a difficult question. While you think the coolest app is coming tomorrow, others may be less impressed. Do not despair. Make a list of contacts, send them your perfect offer, and hope for the best. Note: Don’t follow these publishers, they often get a lot of pitches and if they are interested they will contact you.

Request an app review

Besides the big tech blogs, there are also many app review sites. I run one, Mevvy, but there are many more. This is a list of the best app review sites, but don’t stop learning more. Even if you want the world to know about your app, try to stay relevant.

Contact the appropriate writers

It’s one of the most effective techniques out there. If you find people who want to write about [insert your niche here], they might also want to write about your awesome solution! Again, don’t push yourself, you don’t want to cut ties with influential writers. 9. Use Disqus or other content discovery tools. Remember the blog I mentioned earlier? Make sure to plug in your Disqus channel. This helps a lot in advertising and driving traffic to your blog or website!

Contribute to the online chat.

If you read news and articles on other websites and that site uses Disqus, please leave a comment that is non-promotional but valuable. This way you build your level of expertise for a number of purposes.

Create and share compelling infographics

Use a tool like Visualize. me to create an infographic, then share it with writers, bloggers, and via social media.

Application Award Application

There are many organizations that give awards for new, innovative apps in terms of functionality, design, and more. Search for these contests online and apply for the ones that you think are good candidates. 

Talk to one user at a time

It is extremely important. Initially, your primary focus should be on user retention rather than user conversion. If you can build a small group of users that provide critical feedback to help validate your app’s intent and retain them, you’ll have the biggest hurdle behind. In general, no matter what stage you’re at, look for a live chat with the user. Ask them questions, listen to their criticisms, offer to help them, and make them happy. 

A helping hand

Not everything you do has to be associated with a mobile app download button. Find problem users you can help with, give advice and be a little hero – downloads will follow as a thank you!

Clearly define the problem your app solves

Make a statement about it and use it to define your target customers. First market your app to these people. 

Record a podcast

In your program, talk about the problem your application solves (note: problem, not the solution). The guys at Fizzle. co got it right and hosted their own show on Soundcloud.

Organizing gift giving

With a service like Rafflecopter.com, you can create special prizes and distribute them to people who share your mobile app, post about you, or do other things.

Promote in all your communications

Include links to the app’s website, blog, and social media channels in your email signature. Use voicemail and let every caller know what you’re up to.