8 Great Strategies To Increase Awareness Of Mobile App

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Even world-famous apps with millions of daily users don’t become popular in a magical snap. Developing a mobile app and adding it to distribution platforms is just a promising start to your storyline in the app world. The reality is that after the release of the application, there is still a lot of work to be done.

After facing numerous challenges in promoting the app, we have identified a common model of app success. This has nothing to do with overnight miracles but will provide a realistic long-term strategic framework for promoting your app. Ready?

Before The Start

Launching a product online is very similar to the spirit of offline entrepreneurship. The fact that your app is available on the App Store, Google Play, or any other distribution platform does not guarantee that it will be easily found by everyone. 

Choose The Right App Store 

Once your promotional strategy is in place, take the next step and add your app to different app stores. Usually, app developers start with the Google Play and Apple stores. Distribution through the App Store will cost you $90 per month. Google Play charges developers a listing fee of just $25 and takes 30% of the list price on all sales. Note that in addition to unlocking access to millions of Android and Apple devices, you need to stand out among the 3.3 million apps on Google Play and over 2.2 million apps on the App Store.

Follow this detailed step-by-step guide and correctly complete your app store submission form. 

Keyword Optimization

Keywords play an important role if you want to make your app easy to find after the most relevant search queries. Take enough time to add relevant and better-targeted keywords to your resume. Focus on the words you type in the search box while searching for apps like yours. Eye-catching profile

Show App Store visitors what your app is all about and highlight its key features. The same approach should be applied to icon design. Try to make it simple, memorable, and elegant. Think Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest icons, simple and engaging at the same time.

Ratings And Reviews

Rates and high reviews from your users will help your app rise to the top of the rankings. Please ask your audience to rate your app or take a few minutes to write a short review of your product. Giving them additional value like unlocking new content or a virtual life will increase your chances of getting quality feedback. A good rating in the App Store will also boost your mobile search rankings.

Mobile Advertising Agency

Mobile ad agencies are another proven and effective channel to engage users and increase app downloads. The latter helps to increase your brand awareness and promote products through mobile devices. The best thing about partnering with such companies is that they take the hassle out of advertising and give you time to do some goodwill work on your app.

Mobile App Marketing Company

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App Reviews

App review platforms are also good lead-generation tools. They post interesting and in-depth reviews that showcase key options and benefits of new apps. social media

Introducing a version of the app on social will also help attract interested users early on. Social media is great for keeping up with your users, getting their feedback, and rolling out important updates.

Attractive Website

If you’re going to promote your app before it’s released, you’ll definitely need a website (or at least a landing page) to highlight the app’s key news, features, and capabilities. Drive people to your website while running an ad campaign with an ad agency.

The Power Of The Share Button

People want to stream content that makes them laugh, laugh, daydream, disagree, protest, cry, hope, drool, and more. Your application definitely has something more behind it. Include the best of your app in a viral story. Adopt a win-win strategy and provide users with instant valuable rewards for sharing your app content on their social media profiles or blogs.

And Influencers

Brand owners and marketing experts have revealed the true power of influencers – trendsetters who have amassed thousands of followers around their social profiles. Partnering with influencers seems easy at a glance. But ask someone with 5 million followers to post something like “I’m using [App Name]. Have you ever tried? would be a bad strategy. Quantity does not mean quality.

Build honest and mutually beneficial relationships with influencers in your niche. They may be followed by fewer but related users.

Promotional Film

Let people flip through your app with a short 30-second video. Show off your product’s key features, design, and values ​​to users in a dynamic video, and the world will eagerly await the release. Place your video on the website, share it on social media or submit it to mobile ad agencies for promotion. A good promotional video will raise your awareness and increase interest in your product.

And Finally

Creating an app that stands out is only one part of the work that needs to be done on its way to greatness. While there are dozens of channels of app promotion, not all of them work well for a particular product. Try creating your own distinct ecosystem with a range of app-specific tools, services, and advertising platforms. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Being different is a good start to building a strong marketing strategy.